I am a watercolor artist.

I paint animals and assign human emotions and behavior to them. Thematically my work explores concepts of connectedness and community. Something I have always struggled with myself.

Birds are a recurring image in my paintings, often depicted nesting or caring for their young. Nature, animals, flowers and leaves painted in the bright, luminous colors that surround me. A bird landing outside my window, presenting itself as if it wants to be painted. I have no choice then, but to paint it.  

I live partly in Denmark and partly in Mexico, and I travel a lot. In my experience the world is a wonderful place. We are all one big family – humans and all of Earth’s animals and plants – and we have an obligation to look after our family. I want that notion to emanate from my paintings.

My experiences

  • Freelance artist

    Understanding and solving problems in human relations is what drives Anne. Over the years she has been educated in the fields of psychology, family therapy and psychotherapy. A lifelong interest in architecture and art inspired Anne in 2017 to start painting and receive training by artists in both Denmark and Mexico, e.g., Jesus Lopez Vega and Birte Mølgaard. In 2019 she won the 3rd price in the watercolor category at the Ajijic Society of Arts, the judged show. Every day she works on improving her painting skills.


  • Watercolor award 2019:
    Ajijic Society of Arts
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